Hey guys!! Welcome back to another article. Today i am going to give you some tips for your study area, or where you always do school stuffs like homework, practical jobs, studying, etc. Have a study space is very beneficent for your work and study, and it can be able to make you more organized. Let's start!


You can buy some new or reuse one that you have in your house.It is super important to have a desk that organizes your study space and all the things necessary to succeed in your school or university. Do not worry if it is not new, you can always take advantage of old things and save money, remember that you do not have to spend money, as long as you can reuse your things.

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This is optional, but it will certainly contribute something if you have it. This is your area of work, so you will surely have to look for information, edit jobs, write reports, and so on. Your computer by hand will always be useful, and in addition, you can give it your personal touch. You can also consider having a printer.

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You can have your supplies organized in the drawers of your desk, or in a school box next to your computer, you can have colored markers, colored pens, fluent highlighters, or whatever you want to write down notes. Here are some ideas:

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You must have your agendas and books on hand, as well as your school supplies and your computer. Having an agenda is essential for a good organization and visualization of your tasks and jobs. That is why I recommend you to have agendas (you can have more than one) and some books that you read daily, you can also include novels or books that entertain you from time to time.

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The shelves are usually very useful when organizing and saving space. It will give a clean and beautiful canvas to your study area and a good place for your books or supplies.

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The small things of organization, like clips for your works, will give a different touch to your space.

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For me, decoration is something very important, because if you put your personal touch to your space, you will feel more at ease with yourself and will put you in a better mood. You can take inspiration from this platform, or any site, or do something yourself. There are no limits to putting your personal touch on this, so your imagination will do the job. Some of my tips are to use polaroids, scented candles to calm you, or Christmas lights. Add pictures that you like, or photos that make you remember the happiest moments of your life, you can also add inspirational phrases that motivate you. You can also add to your desk things like, a bottle of water, a cup in case you should drink coffee (you may need it even in the middle of the night, believe me, it will be useful), or perhaps a small clock for the desk, that remember the time avoiding taking your cell phone, because once you grab it, it's tempting and you do not stop anymore.

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Well guys, that's all. I hope you have loved this article and don't forget to study hard and work for your goals. See you!