Hello fellow hearters! This is a little story I wrote, hope you guys enjoy! DM me your thoughts and suggestions, I know this isn't perfect.

After Love
My heart was ripped in half that day. It felt like my chest was sawed open with a rusty knife, my heart yanked out of it, the frail remains scattering to the floor. I loved him. And after this, he would always love me.
2 hours earlier...
I jumped out of bed, pulling on my favorite leggings and a blue crop top. It was me and Chris's six month anniversary! My plans were already in motion, I should be getting a call right about.. bring bring... NOW! I grabbed my phone.
"Hey Chris!"
"Hi Kate! So this guy just appeared at my door..."
"Go with him! I have a suprise! I'll meet you there!"
"But Kate, I need to talk to y-" I hung up and walked over to the door, beaming with joy. He would be so suprised!
I arrived at the resturant I rented out, just in time. The balloons and pictures were filling the area, and the limo pulled up as Chris climbed out, the new tux I had bought fitting his body perfectly.
"Sweetie, you look amazing but-"
"Just stop talking!" I pulled him in for a kiss, his warm, soft lips pressing against mine for a split second before he pulled away.
"Let's go inside, OK?" I nodded, and we went inside, his face grimacing at the sight of the balloons.
"What? Is something wrong? I wanted it to be special for my special guy!"
"Listen, Kate? We need to break up. I'm sorry, it's just, there are other people who are more right for me." A single tear rolled down my cheek before I stormed out, slamming the door of my car behind me. I grabbed my phone and texted seven words. You owe me $720. I hate you.
No more tears came out of my eyes. My plan was already forming inside my head, and I knew that Chris would regret this.