Hello Potterheads! From the floating pudding to the patronus in Little Whinging, Harry Potter has had his adventures with underage magic, whether his fault or not. So at first, that didn't really matter to me, just another part of the plot. But then, I thought about little strange things breaking, like...

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Even if she isn't a real student at Hogwarts, this would break the underage magic law. She has a wand already, too, which, gives barely an excuse to do magic. As Snape said to Lily regarding underage magic "We're alright. We haven't got wands yet."
After I figured out this, it got me thinking, "Can the ministry only detect where underage magic is used, not when?" At the Hogwarts Express, there are plenty of students who could've possibly casted the spell, and if my theory is true, it'd be too much work to weed out the single kid who casted the spell over something small like a spell.

For example, when the little pudding incident happened in Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter was blamed, instead of the actual culprit, Dobby.

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If the ministry had known, why would they've blamed Harry? At that time, not many ministry members were against Harry, so there'd be no reason to.

Another example of underage magic is when Hermione casted "Oculus Reparo" to fix Harry's glasses, yet again in Chamber of Secrets.

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You're ought to have noticed by now that Hermione got away with underage magic twice. Twice. Hermione must've known that law before she broke it, because that's Hermione.

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Anyway, I know this article was pretty short, but I hope you enjoyed it. Bye for now!

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