Everyone can broke your heart.
You friends, your family, your boyfriend or girlfriend - it doesn't matter who it was. What's matter it's the broken heart. How could they?

,,How could I be so stupid?"
,,I can't even breathe."

You know that feeling?
Like there is nothing else to do?

Even if you know you have more opportunities... there is something you have to do first. Move on. Forget it. Forgive. To yourself. To them. Fuck it. There aren't only people on earth. It isn't only town to live in.

What's easy to say it's hard to do but...

You need some time to grow. You need some time to find new happiness. Your own. Your happiness depend on you. You can't move on in one day. But you can find that happiness and joy and love inside of you. Go for something new. Life is an adventure. Life is too short to be sad all the time. Stop thinking about the people who hurt you. Stop thinking about past and about old habits. Create the new ones.

Create something.
Create what you feel.
Do something for yourself and move on.
Now it's time to love yourself enough to
let it go.
It's easy.
It will go if you let it go.

Be grateful for what you have and keep your positive vibes. Let them grow. Let yourself grow. Don't let that weight to put you down. Just fly. And let be.