Hey every one!

This is my first time writing an article and i am so excited!!

Well before i jump to the main point of this article i would like to say a few things about my self.. I am 17 years old girl and i leave Greece. In my free time i like to watch fashion videos. I always wanted to be a fashion blogger and since i am a shy person this new feature in We Heart It is a great way for me to do something that i love. Well i think thats it about me...Now i am going to show you which I think are the shoes every girl needs...

1)A white sneaker

A white sneaker is a shoe that goes almost with everything from baggy pants to dresses and skirts. It can transform an outfit from a simple one to a more street style like outfit. Even sweatpants and gym leggings
Obviously any sneaker in any color will do the job (of course not a training sneaker)..but i think white it the greatest color

2)A high heel shoe

Definatly a black stilleto is one of the most femenine essentials every woman needs.Heels can make your entire body look slimmer and tone your legs.
Of course if you cant manage to walk in high stilletos (neather can i lol) try shorter ones.There is no point trying to walk a shoe and looking like a robot walking.So practice it in your house and after some tries you will learn it.

3)A short boot

These boots are great for a night out and not only.They can be weared from day to night with a different outfit or even the same
They are perfect for any walk out. A timberland is also a great investment.But i would prefer it for the day time and/or a coffee in the afternoon

4)Over the knee boots

These 2 years we have seen in fashion over the knee boots. They are not only a life saver if you leave in a cold place but they hug your feet perfectlly and make them look more fitted
They can also be weared day through night even with the same outfit and a more glowy make up. Even the short heeled ones.

5)A sandal

Sandals are not only wearable in the summer but in the winter too. Prefer a velvet one . Velvet is a more winter like fabric and also very fashionable (for a second year).
They look great arent they?

Well that it for now . I hope you liked it. I repeat once more that this is my opinion and of course you can adjust it to your own personal style. I hope you have a great day!

~kisses :-*