Hey people
this article should be a article about real beauty, but i deviated from the topic, that came out of it:

I think is very important that we help each other, care about other people, they have feelings too and the most important thing is to appreciate, what we have.

We should thank god that we have an nose to breathe, eyes to see the whole world, ears to hear, voices or music, feet and legs to walk, jump, run, dance, swim and a lot of other things and our hands to feel how things or objects feel, to write (for example this article), to play instruments and anything we want.
So many people are deaf, blind or have no arms, no legs. And a lot of people don`t appreciate what they have.
not only with our body, for example When you have a phone why do you want the newest? i know this generation is so, that everyone wants the newest, the best and the most wanted thing, but we should THINK before we act.

this generation is so depended from social media and our smartphones.
did you noticed, that you cant a certain time without your mobile phone... THINK about it.

this generation is so, we cant change, but we can change that we don't life only in this smartphones, we can try it to let it lie and spend more time with family and friends.
(when you meet your friends don`t hang out on your phone, i see that so much and it sucks, spend this moment with friends not phones and appreciate this moment and this people)