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Ages ago, I was tagged in this and finally got the time to write the article. Enjoy reading!

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a — age
Biologically 25. Mentally 15. Unicorns rock! Physically I'm probably under 18, 'cause I have to show my ID if I want to buy alcohol. Lol.

b — best movie
Oh God. One? Only one? Uhmmm... Okay... I'll name one that is very close to my soul: "Divergent".

c — current time
10:01 PM

d — drink you last had
Hot chocolate. 😍

e — everyday starts with
Coffee & music.

tea, cup, and coffee image

f — favorite song
Can I say bands/singers? I really love Crywolf and PVRIS and Eden. So my favourite song is.... ummm...are three bands/singers. Haha!

g — grossest memory
I was at this party that I did not enjoy at all and there was a guy that threw up several times...in different rooms.

h — height
1.58 m. (5.2 ft?) Shush!

is, my, and not image

i — in love with
My boyfriend. The sky. Passionate people. Spring. Autumn. Coffee. The sound of the sea.The movie-like British accent. The list goes on.

j — jealous

k — killed someone?
Hopefully not.

l — last time you cried?
Don't get me wrong. I rarely cry, unless I watch a very emotional movie. 😂 But the last time I cried was the day before yesterday because of something stupid.

m — middle name
Oh God, no.

no, quote, and pink image

n — number of siblings
2 younger sisters.

o — one wish
Once I publish my book I want it to be appreciated. 🤗

p — person you last called / texted
Let me see...
I called one of my friends and I texted my boyfriend.

q — question you’re always asked
"How are you?" People always ask me that. Haha!

r — reasons to smile
So many! Being alive, chocolate, sunsets, time spent with friends, food.

s — song you last sang
One of Eden's.

t — time you woke up
9 am.

u — underwear color
Lol. Um... Purple.

v — vacation place(s)
Big fan of Greece but my ultimate vacation would be anywhere in England. Yes, anywhere.

london, cupcake, and food image

w — worst habit
Biting my lips.

x - x-rays you’ve had
Once. On my dentist's recommendation. I'm not sure what those are called. Dental? No idea.

y — your favorite food
Pizza. No, no, wait. Pasta. No, Kebabs. Caesar salad? Sorry, I can't choose.I love food.

z — zodiac sign


Can we share a little secret? I should probably tag other people now, but I don't want to put pressure on anyone. So, if you want to be part of the challenge, you have my permission to say I tagged you. No one will know. 😉 Haha! Enjoy!

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