So imagine this.... all your friends are out with there boyfriends and your stuck at home all alone crying over there cute af Instagram posts. What, you don't have to imagine that because its your reality? Same. I'm 15 years old and I have NEVER had a boyfriend. No, this don't not instantly mean that I am gay it means that I am RUBBISH at pulling.

However, I think that the boys my age need to see reality. They all still have it in there heads that they can only date the most pretty and popular girl in our school. I mean am I right lady's ? Well news flash that Barbie doll girl u have pictured in your head doesn't exist. Whilst I am most definitely not the sexiest girl I do have a good heart and a cracking sense of humour. |Sometimes I just wish that boys would take the time to look and me on the inside of my outer shell. I know that so many girls out there agree with me yet there isn't much we can do until science invents some sort of magical drug to make the male species see some sort of sense. Either that or we better all start praying that with age comes logic.

So girls, if your single don't stress. It just means that you haven't met anyone yet who is mature enough to see you for you and if they cant then hunny, they don't deserve you!

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