Family: A group of people who are related to each other, such as a mother, a father, and their children
— Cambridge Dictionary

But, is it?

Nowadays, we find a lot of young people (most of them in social media) that don´t have a very good relationship with their family. It seems to be a 21st Century Problem.

Our family will love us unconditionally, support and help us, and celebrate with us our personal accomplishments. Like friends, but even better, because they have our blood and DNA.

But then, we are old enough to realize how the world works. We realize that sometimes families have issues: unsolvable problems, disagreements, not enough time, different priorities, distance, etc. And we are in the middle of it.

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As a New Generation, we have many new tools and concepts of life: new technology, new careers, new definitions of sexual orientations, new minds, new talents, new ways of living life, new ways of having fun.

So, as we are old enough, we get our own mind, personality, way of living life, and opinions. And, sadly, sometimes, they don´t turn out as our family would like. Sometimes, some of them get confused and they get distance. And we feel alone.

We look for people that have something in common with us (no matter what), that think the way we think. We look for people we can identify with, so we don´t feel alone anymore.

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And, when you finally find them, everything gets better.

Suddenly, you have people that actually love you the way you are and don´t ask you to change, that support and help you in their possibilities, that celebrates with you and cheers you when you are sad. They make time for you and put their differences away, because, at the end of the day, they don´t matter. They want you to improve, and they won´t let you go.

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You have a family. Same definition, but no DNA.

But, careful! We shall not confuse friendship with family. Not every single friend that we make will be part of our new family.

As I always say: We need to understand that the people that are with us today may not be here forever. Things change, we grow up and we leave things behind.

Sometimes, you just know who will be with you forever. You feel it.

And sometimes, people stay.

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Time (without specific measure) may pass, problems will come and go, we will evolve in order to grow, and we will make mistakes. And some people will stay.

And you will spend important times with them, you still have fun, and you talk constantly because you aren´t able to imagine your life without them. No DNA, but unconditional love and protection.

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That, is the new concept of family. Friends and Life Mates are the new family of 21st Century.

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to have a good relationship with your DNA family and still have this kind of family. That´s, in my opinion, the best that could ever happen to a human.

Side Note: This is an opinion article, based on what I have lived, and other people´s experiences. I´m not trying to be rude or offend anyone.