I've recently broke up with my boyfriend(actually he broke up with me, but ok) and ever since, instead of feeling sad, all I could feel was some happiness I've never knew I had inside me. I used to be sad all the time when I was around him because he didn't love me. But now it feels like I found me and realized I love myself and I don't need him or anyone.

The truth is I had to broke up with him to figure that out, but I wish I knew that before all of the suffering. I'm so much better being alone. I thought it would be the end of the world, but it wasn't.

So if you're desperately looking for someone or had your heart broken, just knows that first of all you have to love yourself.

Put yourself on the first place and you'll have all the love in the world. You don't need a boy, a girl or anyone to be happy. Just be yourself and love yourself and you'll have everything you were looking for.