I might turn 18 this year soon but no matter if I'm 40, 80 or 101; I will always love these movies and never get tired of them (at least I hope 😂). These are mostly teen movies, but I enjoy every genre (except gore) so if you want to, I can do the second part of this, I have a list with a bunch of films that I love! It could be about drama movies (My Favorites btw), romantic comedies, horror, books adaptations, best soundtracks, just tell me and you have it! Now, without further ado, let's start:

☆ Peter Pan ☆

boy, disney, and wendy image peter pan, wendy, and movie image

☆ The Parent Trap ☆

the parent trap, movie, and lindsay lohan image lindsay lohan, twins, and the parent trap image

☆ Cheaper By The Dozen 1-2 ☆

breakfast, charlie, and film image film, frog hat, and JAKe image

☆ Aquamarine ☆

love, magic, and aquamarine image love, aquamarine, and quotes image

☆ Clueless ☆

love, boy, and quotes image Clueless, quotes, and movie image

☆ Wild Child ☆

wild child, movie, and friends image wild child, emma roberts, and friends image

☆ The Princess Diaries 1-2 ☆

invisible, quotes, and Anne Hathaway image Anne Hathaway, princess, and princess diaries image

☆ Bridge To Terabithia ☆

bridge to terabithia image bridge to terabithia, movie, and josh hutcherson image

☆ A Cinderella Story ☆

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Hilary Duff, rain, and a cinderella story image

☆ 10 Things I Hate About You ☆

movie, heath ledger, and 10 things i hate about you image movie, quotes, and 10 things i hate about you image

That's it guys, these are my go-to favorite movies when I'm bored, at home on a rainy day, on a girl's night or whenever I want to see them. What about you? Send me a postcard if you want a Part 2! Hope your day is going lovely, thanks for reading this, you are awesome, see you in the next article! 😝

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-Your internet friend, Miranda. ♡