Just a little bit of my angels because i love them more than i love myself and them deserve all the love of the world.

-"I want to print our hands in the pavement
Savour your words, I won't ever waste them". Vapor

-"This is our reality
Crazy,stupid,you and me". Long Way Home

-"The silent words are hard to speak
When your thoughts are all I see"
-"There are pieces of us both
Under every city light
And they're shining as we fade into the night".Beside You

-"Everybody's got their demons
Even wide awake or dreaming"
-"See a war,I wanna fight it
See a match,I wanna strike it"
-"The blood of my veins is made up of mistakes"
-"As we burst into colours,we turn into life".Jet Black Heart

-"Two wrongs make a right"
-"We'll safety pin,the pieces of our broken hearts back together
Patching up all the holes until we both feel much better
Deleted things are really dead,so now I'll say the things I never said"
-"We can save us from falling".Safety Pin

-I can't pick just one.

-"Won't you please stop loving me to death?".
Voodoo Doll

-"When you've got bigger plans
That no one else understands
You've got a shot though"
-"We're the kings and the queens
Of the new broken scene"
-"They said we're losers and we alright with that".She's Kinda Hot

-"It's hard to hear your name
When I haven't seen you in so long".Amnesia

-I can't just pick one part 2.

-"Your eyer,your smile can light up the night"
-"Like angels can fly,we'll never die"
-"Make believe worlds make us all feel alive".Airplanes

-"Flash lights held tight we can all move down"
-"We don't have to go home right now
We're never gonna stop cause we´re dreaming out loud".Kiss Me Kiss Me.

-"With a powder white complexion
Feeling the connection".English Love Affair

-"The darkest night never felt so bright with you by my side"
-"Nothing like the rain
When you're in outer space".Outer Space

-"Carry on,let the good times roll"
-"You know it's gonna get better"
-"So sick of underworld,the that keeps pulling me under"
-"Carry on,outlast the ignorance
Moving on,survive the innocence".Carry On

-"I know we're young and people change
And we may never feel the same".Girls Talk Boys

-"I can't sleep because my mind keeps breaking"
-"We're the voice of the new generation".Permanent Vacation

-I can't pick just one part 3.

-"I wanna take my heart to the emd of the world
And fly away tonight".Fly Away

-"Holding on the memories
And I can't let go".San Francisco.

-"So save me from who I'm supposed to be
Don't wanna be a victim of aurotity
I'll always be a part of the minority".Social Casualty

-"I need you love to light up this house"
-"Don't let the colours fade to grey".Never Be

-"And I won't give up and I can't give up".Waste The Night

-"I will fight to fix up and get things right
I can't change the world but maybe I'll change your mind".Catch Fire

-"Wasted days,dreaming of the times I know
I can't get back"
-"Looking on as all life's colours seem to fade to grey".Invisible

-"Heaven is a place on earth
I wish I could rewind all the times that I didn't
Show you what you're really worth".Everything I Didn't Say

-"Gotta live it up today"
-"We got to make out on luck".Hey Everybody!

-"If you don'y swim,you'll drown".She Looks So Perfect

-"The truth is spelled out in your eyes".The Girl Who Cried Wolf

-"I admit I'm a bit of a victim
In the internet worldwide system too
But I found my sweet escape
When I'm alone with you"
-"I like the sounds you make"
-"You are my getaway
You are my favorite place".Disconnected

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