❥ hug someone you love

❥ butterflies in your stomach

❥ feeling pretty

❥ unexpected calls

❥ look at old photo albums

❥ waking up feeling good about yourself

❥ getting rid of insecurities

❥ good memories

❥ picnics

❥ learning new things

❥ sunny days

❥ feeling important and precious to someone

❥ loving someone uncondittonally

❥ feel the rays of the sun on your body

❥ movie days

❥ christmas shopping

❥ first snow of the year

❥ swim

❥ new experiences

❥ long bus rides

❥ the smell of the rain

❥ buttered toast

❥ netflix and chill

❥ nap time with your love

❥ cuddle an animal

❥ wath a sunset/sunrise

❥ get a smile from a baby

❥ smell the scent of an old book

❥ hear a crackling fire

❥ slip into a bed with fresh sheets

❥ make a playlist

❥ remake the world with a friend

❥ receive, offer a gift

❥ take a bath after a bad day

❥ when you make a reference to something and someone gets it

❥ the glue that stick on the bakc of a giftcard

❥ being forgiven

❥ have sex

❥ plan a trip

❥ create something

❥ when a package you ordered arrives earlier than you expected it to

❥ finding a song that describes exactly how you feel

❥ pamper yourself

❥ when people do things for you without being asked

❥ being alone in a public restroom

❥ eat your favorite dish

❥ laugh up to cry

❥ serving a stranger

❥ wake up in the middle of the night and find that we still have several hours of sleep

❥ take off your shoes after a long day

❥ hear the laughter of a baby or a child

❥ make lists/threads

❥ take a shower after a party

❥ read a good book

❥ sing in the car/the shower

❥ cook for your family or your friends

❥ walk on the hot sand

❥ peeling a clementine in one peel

❥ when the Starbucks barista spells your name right

❥ a random act of kindness by a stranger

❥ wath a full moon

❥ forehead kisses

❥ finding money in your pocket that you forgot about

❥ have a good meal with your friends

❥ finding money in your pocket that you forgot about

❥ getting retweets

❥ say "i love you"

❥ the first step into a warm bath

❥ peeling the plastic film of a newly purchased item

❥ get a massage

❥ when someone pronouces your name correctly

❥ the chocolate of an ice cream cone

❥ being asked to dance

❥ the smell of the ocean

❥ get a new hobbie

❥ compliment someone

❥ coffee with the perfect temperature

❥ late light in summer

❥ 100% charge on your phone

❥ knowing all the words to a song on the radio

❥ drink a big glass of water when you're thirsty

❥ burst of bubble wrap

❥ knowing the answer to the question when no one else does

❥ good quotes

❥ sunshine trough the window

❥ a long message of a friend

❥ long walks

❥ your favorite song coming on the radio

❥ when the new season of your favorite tv show get out

❥ new clothes

❥ long night calls

❥ nice weather

❥ walking barefoot in the grass

❥ discovering good songs

❥ snow globes

❥ little crushes

❥ big breakfast

❥ drink lemonade

❥ people telling you that they miss you

❥ water fights on hot afternoon

❥ love letters

❥ the simpson oppening

❥ make funny pancakes

❥ drawing

❥ art supplies

❥ write

❥ go to an antique store

❥ play with makeup

❥ sunbathe

❥ watch a classic Disney movie