we knew each other since I took my first breath on this earth.
we conquered our childhood together.
you were always by my side.
everyday I went over to your house.
same kindergarten, same classes in school.
I learned so much from you, the older one of us.
so I called you my sister.

our laughs were endless, our fights intense but no matter what we were always there for each other. one day my mom told me your parents would get divorced. I was over at your house, seeing you be happy and all fine. so I asked "aren't you sad or anything? I mean... because of your parents?"
you told me you was, but you did not feel the need to show it. we got then interrupted by the screams of your parents argueing.
your dad left and it was weird for me to come over and not saying hi to him and I know you felt the same way.

a year later you told me you and your mom will move to another town. an hour away.
I did not believe this. I couldn't.
the girl who lived five seconds away from me was about to move. and so it happened in summer.

it was the last day of school and when we came to your house I hugged you and started crying. "I don't know how to get through life without you" I told you and you replied "Yeah, me neither".

It has been 18 months now. 18 months that I pass your house, seeing new people and new furniture in it.
everytime I remember back to our days, our laughs, our fights and everytime I need to smile.
now you have new, better friends. I know.
we don't talk anymore, only a "happy birthday" text message once a year.
you are not interested in my life anymore. but that's okay because neither am I in yours.
I just hope you never forget the good old days and even if we are strangers now:
never forget

- I called you my sister