I'm sorry, i'm just trying to get this off my chest.

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[ Disclaimer: English isn't my mother language, so i'm already apologizing for possible errors ]

I'm writing this while i cry really, really hard.

Today we received the notice that the last album of Jonghyun will be released at January 23, named POET | ARTIST

And I have some things to say about it.

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I'm a big fan of Jonghyun since 2013, when I discovered SHINee (Thanks to Sleepless night stage).

I remember that i cried so hard watching this video for the first time because his voice with the other guys sounded like angel for me.

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But even if five years being Shawol do not come out as much, during this time Kim Jonghyun and SHINee helped me to face depression and overcoming difficult times.

And my only wish was to see them happy.

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Now I'm doing treatment for depression and taking controlled pills, but read about he's last album made me so much worse.

This just broke me.

For a moment I thought I was ready for this, but i'm definitely NOT.

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I'm not ready to let him go this way even if 1 month has already passed.
I'm going crazy, guys.

But even it hurts, I want to never forget him as long as I get over it.