Here are a couple of my favorite 90s songs and how they make me feel when I listen to them. The list is ranging from pop, alternative rock, rap, and R&B! I hope you guys give these songs a listen and fall in love with them as much as I have. (they are in no particular order) You should keep another tab of Youtube open so you can listen to the songs as I go down the list so you can find your favorite!

1. Mint Condition- Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)

This song is an R&B classic! I love the guys voices together, especially the lead singer. The beat when the chorus comes is the best part!

2. Mazzy Star- Fade into you

The lyrics in this song are so passionate! The soft melody causes me to daydream about deeply falling in love with someone and craving them every moment. Definitely one of those songs you listen to at 2 A.M. thinking about your crush.

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3. Radiohead- Creep

This song reminds me of a dark teen movie and I love it. This song also makes me want to be a moody teenager and act like nobody on this planet understands me.

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4. Aaliyah- 4 Page letter

If you have been crushing on somebody, the lyrics to this song are perfect for what you are feeling! You can not resist Aaliyah's sweet soft voice.

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5. Weezer- Say it ain't so

You cannot resist shouting out the chorus! Try it! This song starts off slow but there is a treat in the chorus if you like electric guitars! This is the song that would be playing in my car on a rainy day, after having a bad day.

6. Tupac- Hit em' Up

If you do not like rap, do not listen to this. This song is very vulgar, but come on we're talking about Tupac here. This is a diss track and I think he delivered his message passionately and very well. Good song to listen to when someone pissed you off.

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7. Six Pence None The Richer- Kiss me

This song is a classic! Brings back the memories of how magical and enchanting I thought my first kiss would be, and it was. This is the song you would hear in the background of a movie when your crush falls in love with you. This song always makes me smile, hope it will make you smile too.

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8. Snoop Dogg- Gin and Juice

This song is a good time. Makes me think of going to a nice little house party and dancing with friends.

9. Biggie Smalls- Hypnotize

This is such a catchy song! Biggie Smalls has a great lyrical flow. This song makes me imagine myself in a club sitting with friends, drinking champagne, and laughing, while looking cute, of course.

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10. Mariah Carey- Honey

This song makes me want to get up and do a little dance. This is one of those songs where you just feel like a seductive queen while listening to it. It is sweet and fun!

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11. Lit- My Own Worse Enemy

This song reminds me a early 2000s high school movie, but believe me, this song came out in the 90s (1999). This is the song you dance around in your room to with your best friends and you guys scream out the lyrics together.

12. Brandy- I Wanna Be Down

This song is pretty groovy. A classic R&B song! Reminds me of hanging out with a crush and having a good time.

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13. Britney Spears- Hit Me Baby One more time

The music video to this song is a classic! Britney was just perfect, but this song always has me singing along and dancing. Who does not want to be Britney Spears in this music video?

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14. TLC- Baby Baby Baby

This is a very sweet song! If you have a bf/gf you should send this song to them. This song makes my lonely ass want to fall in love.

15. Aerosmith- I Don't Want to Miss a thing

I want my husband to sing this song to me! I think this is one of the sweetest songs ever! This song brings me a lot of comfort. Makes me daydream about the good times me and the boyfriend I've never had shared together.

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These are some of my favorite 90s songs, trust me, I have way more. Hope you guys enjoyed! If you guys would like more songs, do not hesitate to message me asking for another 90s playlist! I will answer right away. If you would like some more 90s inspiration go ahead and follow my 90s collection and follow me on Instagram as well @90sbaabe