Hello and welcome to another article! Lately I've been watching a lot of movies and I thought What if my life was a movie?. That's when I got the idea of writing an article with steps that show you how to turn your life into a movie.


1. characters

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A good movie has good characters.That's why you should choose good people to be part of your life so you have the best movie ever! So, go ahead and live life with the people that make it worth living and cut off those who do no good to you. But don't forget that you can't really choose all the characters, some people may come unexpectadly in your life and still make it worth it, so be open to new people!

2. soundtrack

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You can have a little fun with this step and actually make a playlist to the soundtrack of your life! Add songs which you feel like describe your life and how you want it to be. Don't forget to add songs that make you genuinely feel good, because that's how you want to feel in life, right?

3. location

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Where is your movie going to be set? Everywhere! Everywhere you go. So go to beautiful locations, see stunning views and explore mesmerizing places. Make your life's movie a visually appealing one.

4. plot

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The plot of your life's movie is something you have to continuously work on because... well, it's life. Do you want a good plot? Then live a good plot! Make the best out of it, you don't want to have a boring movie, do you? Then make it a movie people will enjoy watch, an exciting and eventful movie, an exciting and eventful life. Live.

5. lessons

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You can learn valuable lessons about life with movies. Don't make your own any more different, learn your lessons! In life you are constantly learning: with people, with your mistakes, with experiences... Don't be afraid to go through hard times, in the end there's something you'll learn from it. You'll surely learn lot of things in your life.

other tips

Here are some other tips to make your life's movie the best!

# be the main character: if it's the movie of your life you have to be the main character, don't live anybody's life, live yours.

# keep it interesting: no one likes boring movies, keep it interesting by breaking the routine and challenging yourself every day you can.

# let it happen: in the end of the day, you don't know exactly how your life will turn out to be, let things happen while still doing your best to make it a good one.

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I hope you liked this article and have the best movie ever! Of course you don't have to make a real movie, my point is, if your life was a movie would you want to watch it? If your answer was no, then maybe you should change some things about your life and make it a better one.
Thank you for reading.
~ mags (@loveinbrooklyn)

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