I got the bad side of things
The agony heartbreak will bring
You played my heart like a string,
A guitar you strum whilst you sing
Songs of old flings and your new king
Songs that drool on about how i cling
I cry and I stutter, I pout and I whinge
Is that how you saw our days unstring?
Is that why today you never ring?
Because you got the float and I got the sting?
Fly away butterfly, I don’t want your rings,
A ting of bling won’t bring back our golden days in the spring
Those days were my everything,
If only I known then, that to you, they we’re just anything.
Maybe then I wouldn’t have gotten the bad side of things.

I got the bad side of us
You left me behind in the dust
You didn’t take long to adjust
You didn’t take long to retrust
You looked to him with fire and lust
Eyes dark like the devil, skin sharp and robust
That stare in itself was a breach of mistrust
Why did you never look to me with such gust?
Why were all my gazes traced with disgust?
If we had such big problems why were they never discussed?
Maybe if they were, I wouldn’t have gotten the bad side of us.

I got the bad side of him
The new man you caught on a whim
Attached to you like a second limb,
He was the main event, I was just the prelim.
He was slim and prim, he went to the gym
I would have gone to the gym if it’d allow me to win
For you there was nothing that I couldn't have been
What did he have that I couldn’t pin?
Why does he get to be the rockstar and I, the trash-bin?
Why did we end before we could even begin?
Tell me truly baby, was it really because of him?
Maybe if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten the bad side of him.

You got the bad side of me,
The one laced with tears and misery,
The one that always knew you would flee,
I was daft to imagine what we could be.
If I were the sand then you were the sea
Tides rolling in, barely there before they leave.
If you we’re the princess then I was the pea,
And if you we’re the butterfly, I was the bee.
If you were the sea then I was merely debris.
How could I believe you’d ever really love me?
It’s my own fault to imagine you and I were a guarantee,
Should have questioned my sanity, as if this were reality.
As if you’d run of with him with no form of apology?
As if you’d treat him like a prince and me like a nobody?
Did i ever have a chance or was I always just a nominee?
Your own devotee, one who could never disagree,
I can be your cup of tea if you’d choose me you’d see
But isn't that just the irony.
I only gave you the worst of me, and expected the best of you.
Maybe if i didn’t, you wouldn’t have gotten the bad side of me.