Since childhood we are taught that dreams come true.

Fairy tales prove that if only you wish for something with all your heart you will finally get it.

As we grow up we are told that we need to work hard to achieve what we really want.

Parents and teachers assure us that studying, obediece and honesty will take us far.

But then suddenly you're an adult and you find out that life is far from a fairy tale.

That besides giving it everything you've got your dreams may not come true.

Not because you didn't work hard, not because you don't deserve it, not because you're not good enough.

Just like that. Because life is a bitch.

I always knew I won't be famous or super rich in the future. I didn't expect a life without problems. My childhood was a nightmare and the only thing I wanted was a happy family. A loving husband and a bunch of kids. I got married early and hoped to be a young mum.

Guess what?

It turned out we can't have kids. It's been 7 years since we've been trying.

Meanwhile all my cousins and friends are getting pregnant, have children and complain what a burden maternity is. Meanwhile women in my country fight to legalize abortion. Meanwhile our government pays families monthly salary for each child, so there are no children available for adoption.

Life is not fair.

Life is a bitch.

Your dreams may not come true.

Be aware of this fact.

I wish someone had told me before.