I'm not the sexiest girl in the world. I love hanging out in pajamas and I can wear all day long this grey dressing gown that makes me look like Totoro. I can't stop myself from buying these socks with cute animals on.
I have fat knees, my ass looks like jelly, ...
I wish I could look like Katy Perry but I don't (except in "Last Friday night"!).

I've read a hundred books of personal development, expecting I would become the next Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer and I'm still directive, grumpy and selfish.

I really wanted to become a "good" daughter but my mum drives me nuts. So I don't call her as often as she would like (No, mum, twice a day is far too much!).

Do I hate myself? Do I beat myself up?
Not anymore.
Instead, I love myself for some of the things I have: a part of craziness, a big sense of humor, my own view on people and things, my ability to interact with others...

My imperfections? I don't give a shit!
(ok mum, if you read this, I promise, I'll call you soon!)