Day 14. Favorite quote

I have lots of favorite quotes and I like quotes because they motivate me and make me trust and believe in my dreams..

So let's check my favorite ones

I love this kind of quotes. They remind me to keep doing what I started or something I want to start but I'm scared. So, everytime I remember this and keep doing my thing and enjoy what I do.
Sometimes I jusr rush too much and try to do many things at the same time and then all goes bad and that makes me so sad and unhappy. But sometimes I just have to stop and take deep breath and think that it's okay if I can't do everything today, I have tomorrow and day after tomorrow and lots of tomorrows coming.

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And quotes about dreams are my favorite too.
Sometimes I forgot my dreams because of other people..and that's so stupid. I have to keep my dreams and follow them...

Dream, true, and make image quote, Dream, and words image

...because this is what we have to always remember

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