11:50 pm jan 18th 2,018 .// 1*18= 18

11:50 thoughts

im not big on the whole 'positive mindset/good vibes' trend i simply don't believe in it 🤷 but what i do believe in is, trying my best. in anything. even when everything is falling apart and i just don't know what to do and my panic attacks kick in like it's a prescription in my dna. i stay calm. i pray. i do whatever i can. to not break. never give up. i promise things do get better. my mother told me last night when i was crying that " anxiety will destroy you" jokes aside . i felt that. that is the truth, i can't live worrying and overthinking neither can you. it's deadly. let it go and take a shower or hot bath if you ever feel like that.

to anyone that is reading this, to 2018 and beyond i pray you stop overthinking, overcome your fears, live a real life 'a life you chose', work on yourself, make yourself happy, and love yourself like the way your family & friends love you. to 2018, another year of hope, peace, and endless possibilities.

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be kind and stay you 💙

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