hellooooo readers! I am back with another movie review! And this time it is about the recent and very popular Greatest Showman!!

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before watching the film...
Now let's discuss the general concept of this film:
I was absolutely thrilled when I first heard of this concept. I learned about the Barnum Bailey Circus in history class, and I remember it was a super controversial topic, so a movie about this could be intriguing.

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And also I love the circus aesthetic. Like C'mon that's dazzling
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and not to mention I absolutely love Hugh Jackman, I mean look at that face:3

after watching the film...
This movie is made for a certain type of person. Someone who enjoys a good lively and lighthearted film that will pump you up. It is SO fun! Me personally though? I love a good musical number, but I like films that resonate with you and make you think about life, a film that goes beyond the screen. And this movie did not hit that for me.
But there are a bunch of awesome things about the movie as well. Let's go through them:

The Pro's

  • The soundtrack is fantastic! Every song sweeps you up in a whirlwind of emotions! This is Me is such an empowering song! Its message of being yourself is enough is so so great
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and it is such a bop to jam out in the car to lol
  • The love story between Zendaya and Zac Effron is a dream come true!
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can you believe that Zendaya did all of her stunts... what a queen
  • Everyone (with the exception of Jenny Lynde) did their OWN music! Every. single. person. had such an amazing voice ahh!!
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  • There is room for a sequel! Okay, there are no rumors, so I don't want to start anything, but think about it! Where is Bailey? (In history, Bailey was another person with a circus and there was competition on between the two of them because they drew the same people to their crowds. and spoiler! they joined and became THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! literally, that is what they called it so I was confused why the movie didn't do that plot) In the film, Carlyle is left with the circus in the end. And if they had another movie, he could have the said feud with Bailey and travel around the country!
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The Con's

  • It was not as accurate as I had hoped. Barnum was actually quite an awful man, his famous quote is "There is a sucker born every minute." I really wished that the Barnum they portrayed would've had more evident flaws.
  • The movie couldn't help but portray a "Disney Feel." With its past stars Zendaya and Zac Effron, this film felt like another High School Musical. All of the songs had people spontaneously dancing (which don't get me wrong, the dancing is incredible, but the emotion just didn't seem genuine.)
  • Not as much character development as I had wished:( The only person who changed was Carlyle (Zac Effron). But everyone else, including Barnum, did not change, and I love movies that show how people change.
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Overall, I am so glad that this film came out when it did. The Barnum & Bailey Circus ended just last year after hundreds of years of success! I'm really not sure exactly why they closed, so if you know please shoot me message!

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I actually went to see the Barnum and Bailey Circus last year and I had no idea it would be the last time I ever could have seen them:(

But I will leave you with an awesome quote by Barnum himself:

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