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After a very humid summer and all the hair-gets-frizzy-can’t-do-anything stress, I, a true summer lover, would never think I would be waiting for hot weather again. It is mostly related to the fact that we all want whatever we don’t have. Now in the middle of January, as I see what’s going on in the world (aka NY with its snow blizzards) I dream of tanning on the beach. Which I can still do although it’s chilly for me (but definitely not for the snowbirds coming from colder places who literally swim under the rain).

To protect me from this “brutal cold”, I bought my new favorite chunky knit cardigan in light pink which I adore. It’s super-soft, warm (perfect for Florida winter) and I get compliments wherever I go.

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I like wearing it off the shoulder sometimes when I get a bit too warm and also because I just like that style 🙂

The weather was amazing! You could walk and not sweat and my hair didn’t get frizzy at all, so although I miss my tan, I really enjoy this weather!

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