What we should do? Let guys take the first step or should we make the move? Is this a rule? It's a shitty one tbh. Why do we always expect guys to make the first move? Bc doesn't look "girly" that we take the first step?

I think if we want to do something, we should go for it. Now it's the time where girls are more empowered, more self enough and more confident.

Then why we expect them to move first?
For simple and sad rule, we don't give people wings bc they tend to fly away and leave us broken. And nobody wants to get broken. Because if you text someone too much, they think they're the world to you, and maybe they are but doesn't mean they have to be assholes.

My recommendation in this subject is: Go for what you want but take care of your heart. Nobody owns it but you.

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Personally I shouldn't be given this advices because now I'm dealing with the "should or shouldn't I" but like my title says life's short and I lost people bc of this stupid rule (this is the main reason I wanted to write this article for in the first place...) and honestly I don't like to talk first but sometimes you gotta, because eventually they are gonna feel like you don't care. So...Let's do it and whatever happens, will happen.

I'm writing this one listening "Say You Love Me" by Jessie Ware and it's kinda emotional... Anyways, finally I wanna say: go for what you want always, for me luck doesn't exist, we have to make things happen. But also give them opportunity of making the "guys moves".

Don't be shy ;)