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So get ready to get hit in the face with pure talent, I'll try not to be so cringey but I can't promess anything since I'm so HYPED

Now... Let's slip into the diamond life (╭☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)╭☞

SEVENTEEN is a group that debuted in 2015 and has 13 members, they divide themselves in 3 teams: hip hop, vocal and performance.

Hip hop

the hip hop team consists of 4 members :

S. Coups

Seventeen, s.coups, and seungcheol image

Choi Seungcheol is the leader of the hip hop team and leader of SEVENTEEN, he is so amazing, his rap is so good, I love his actitude but he is also the cutest little thing ever, he cares for all the members so much, he is really responsible, mature, but also funny and adorable.

here is a video of S. Coups being cute (´・ω・`)


Seventeen, wonwoo, and 17 image
holy hell he is so gorgeous ;-;

Wonwoo is one of the most popular members, he has the deepest voice out of all SVT and he is so gorgeous!! ;-; but don't get fooled by his looks he is a huge adorable dork.


Seventeen, mingyu, and 17 image

Also known as memegyu, he is such a dork, he's a great cook and is the tallest member (1,86 m)


Seventeen, vernon, and hansol image

Vernon is so ADORABLE he is king of reactions and facial expressions, he is so handsome and a great rapper I love his voice so much! AND HE HAS THE CUTEST LAUGH EVER!! My sister and I love him, in this home we stan Vernon

Here is some mv's so you can check them out ♡


The vocal team consists of 5 members:


Seventeen, woozi, and jihoon image

Lee Ji Hoon is the leader of the vocal team, he is also SVT's producer and writes most of SEVENTEEN'S songs, he plays guitar, piano and drums, he has a strong personality, he is known for being small, and even tho he hates aegyo he can't hide the fact that he is cute even if he says he is not.


Seventeen, jeonghan, and 17 image

Jeonghan also known as the mom of the group is the little troll of SVT lmao he is very flirty , jealous, manipulative, he loves cheating in games and messing with everyone specially S.Coups , he used to have really long hair.


DK, Seventeen, and dokyeom image

DK is 1/3 of the gag line, he is so hilarious he is always making fun of everyone and playing around, he is one of my faves because he is so positive and his smile is so bright he also has a beautiful voice, so effortless but powerful, see for yourself:


Seventeen, joshua, and jisoo image

Joshua is so adorable!! and sweet!! they call him seventeen's gentleman cause he is so nice and hardly ever gets angry nor raises his voice, he is fluent in english and korean and knows basic chinese and spanish, he plays the guitar beautifully and sings like an angel, he makes the arrangements when they make acoustic versions of their songs, his name is Jisoo and he is christian so the fandom calls him Jisoos Christ from time to time lmao


17, blonde, and boo seungkwan image

Seungkwan also known as diva boo is the most hilarious member he is always so hyper, loud, center of attention lmao he is 2/3 of the gag line
He has a beautiful voice and he can hit some really impressive high notes!!

here are some mv's so you can check out the vocal team



korea, kpop, and kwon soonyoung image

Kwon Soon-young is SVT's coreographer and leader of the performance team, he is also one of my favorites he is absolutely amazing, the 3/3 of the gag trio, he is a walking meme, he is so funny, positive, a great dancer, he has such a GREAT VOICE, I love how he can be cute and handsome at the same time


Seventeen, minghao, and the8 image

Minghao is 1/2 of the china line, he is so underrated!!!! I LOVE HIM!!! he is soooooo adorable!!!!! so fluffy and cute, I love how shy he can get and how he speaks korean is so cute!! ;u; he makes such adorable faces and he loves hugging all the members


jun, Seventeen, and wen junhui image

BIAS TIME, 2/2 china line, YOU GUYS I LOVE JUN!!! HE IS SO PERFECT HE IS LIKE A PRINCE!! he has like this super masculine body but cute fragile facial features, he has such a beautiful voice with a wide range, HE IS SUCH A GOOD DANCER, he plays piano, he can act, he is funny, sweet, and gets shy so easily!!! ;-; he is also so sassy it makes me want to die laughing, he looks beautiful from every angle and with any colored type hair

17, wen junhui, and jun image DK, jun, and Seventeen image Seventeen, jun, and wen junhui image jun, Seventeen, and svt image 17, jun, and Seventeen image Seventeen, jun, and kpop image jun, Seventeen, and the8 image


dino, Seventeen, and 17 image

Dino is the maknae of the group, he loves michael jackson he is SUCH a good dancer!!!

performance team mv's:

what I love about svt:

  • they are funny:


  • they are great dancers, LOOK AT THEM GO AT 2X SPEED
  • they can put QUITE THE SHOW
  • they sing beautiful live
  • great covers
  • catchy songs and FUN MV'S