Hello to all of you!!!, I know today is January 18, so actually a pair of weeks have passed since the New Year started. But, I think that it's never too late for a few advices to slay this 2018.

*Tip 1: Drink Water
Okay, I know, you have read this in a lot of articles already but that's because it can really changue your year. It makes you feel healthier, it helps you to lose weight, (if that's one of your goals for this new year), and if it's not, just drink water.Just imagine the gorgeous skin you'll have after a few days of good hidratation.
Oh, and I almost forgot, if you don't like water, try detox water recipes!!!, they are AWESOME.

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Yeah,drink water chlidren.

*Tip 2: Get rid of toxic relationships
Just be careful, even if you love that person a lot...sometimes it's better to let go. If you let go, you'll have more space in your life for new and good relationships.

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*Tip 3: Put yourself first
With this I don't mean you to be egocentric of something like that. But sometimes you just need to take more care of yourself. You feel bad in that situation? Well, leave it, if the other person really cares about you he or she will understand. Relax at home or go shopping. Whatever makes you feel far away from stress.

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*Tip 4: Stop worrying about what others think or say about you
Right, this is very important if you wan to slay this year. Be confident, and stop thinking about what others think or say, because that leads to start worrying about the way you are, and that can really changue you. Jus BE YOURSELF. The right people will love you.

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*Tip 5: Dance until dawn
Yeah, you read right, well maybe not until dawn because of your parents or something, but if you have the chance and friends to do it with, GO!!! You have no idea how good you'll feel after a few dances or maybe more. It doesn't matter if you are not a professional dancer, just move your body and have fun.

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*Tip 6: Stop thinking or saying "I Can't"
You are capable to do ANYTHING you want, nobody has to make you feel like you are not able to. Trust yourself and work hard to make it happen.

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*Tip 7: Read and learn more
You are never to old to start learning a new skill. Study more, get interested about things.Grab a book, leave your phone and open your mind to new lessons.

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*Tip 8: Leave the past in the past
You need to.There is no reason to blame yourself or think about something that happened last year or a long ago. Leave all that behind and feel free.

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*Tip 9: Create Memories
That's what you'll remenber at the end of the year and for the rest of your life.Keep your friends close,family...people that bring you good vibes. Hang out with them, take photos, be a little naughty, just stop thinking about the consecuences for a minute.

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*Tip 10: Stop comparing to others
You are GORGEOUS just he way you are. "But she is more skinny" "He has a better body" "She has a boyfriend and I don't" "Her skin is perect" and so on. Well, forget about that, you are special.

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*Extra Tip: Love and know yourself more
This doesn't need a picture. Get to know better what you want, who you are, what you like, what you don't like. Be happy with who you are. Amazing things happen when you start loving yourself.

Well guys I hope this to be useful for your new year.
This is my first article and I really hope you like it, I'll be posting a lot more about different topics.
Thanks for reading.
MAKE 2018 YOURS!!!!


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