🚰 1. Drink tap water

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'Cuz why would you waste those plastic bottles?

◾ if you don't want to drink tap water because you know it's full of chemicals or something, buy a water filter thingy so you can filter it :3

◽ for me it was quite a big change back then, cuz I used to drink soda or flavoured water, but for the last two years I've been drinking tap water, before that I never liked water but I got used to it and I only drink soda at restaurants

◾ get yourself a stable reusable water bottle, it can be made out of glass or plastic, it doesn't matter because you may use it for the next 20 years. :D it's also very practical to transport and to take with you when going out

◽ oh and you also save a lot of money :3

🛍️ 2. Bring your own reusable bag when shopping

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'Cuz I assume you don't collect plastic bags like stamps or somethin'

◾ it might be obvious, but I want to point out: you can also use them when you're buying clothes, not only groceries!

◽ it's very useful to always bring it with you, cuz it can come in very handy in unexpected situations

☕ 3. Bring your own cup when buying coffee to go

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'Cuz if you drink one cup of coffee every day, that's 365 plastic or paper cups a year

◾ it's such an easy way to reduce your waste, and you can find such cool cups on the internet! You can even buy 2-3 of them so you can switch them up sometimes! :)

◽ most stores approve of bringing your one cup, so don't be shy to ask!

🍌 4. Don’t put fruits and veggies in plastic bags

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'Cuz damn, don't be lazy, just carry them in your hands!

◾ even if you have to weigh them yourself, you can rip off a plastic bag to put them on the scale, and then put it back somewhere, cuz someone is still dumb and will use it lol

◽ if you're not comfortable bringing them bare to the cash desk, keep 4-5 plastic or other small bags at home which you can reuse

🏡 5. Go to your local market

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'Cuz bio is bae

◾ at markets, most foods aren't packaged. :) bring your own jars, bags and containers, and voilà!

◽ most of the times, they are also cheaper, and seasonal!

◾ AND they weren't treated with harmful chemicals to keep them "fresh and pretty"

🍬 6. Don’t eat so much snacks

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'Cuz... just don't

◾ snacks, cookies, chocolate, candies, bonbons etc. are mostly packaged in plastic :/

◽ try to find snacks that are packed in paper or containers, which you may even reuse!

◾ try to find alternatives. For example, you can easily make chocolate at home with cocoa powder, milk, coconut oil and sugar/sweetener

◽ girl, eat nature's candy! (fruuuiits)

◾ make fries or chips in the oven at home

7. 👄 Reduce your soda consumption

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'Cuz it's not only better for the environment, but also for your health

◾ don't waste plastic bottles and metal cans

◽ make your own soda/limonade at home! Use a fruit press and make your own orange juice

◾ make smoothies! you can be so creative at that while you find out what combos you like best. :) you can even combine fruits with tasteless veggies for more vitamins and minerals!

◽ store bought sodas are full of sugar and artificial sweetener, so better: hands off!

8. 👩 If you’re a girl: Diva cup

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'Cuz why throwing away tons of tampons and pads?

◾ menstrual cups are the perfect replacement for tampons, you just fold it, put it in and it catches everything

◽ it's also much healthier than those bleached tampons, and not dangerous at all like tampons are

◾ instead of conventional pads, there are also reusable cloth pads which you can just wash and reuse over again. :)

9. ♻️ Recycle what you can

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'Cuz it's a great feeling, and it can be a lot of fun

◾ reuse bottles, cans, clothes, make DIYs, there are so many ways

◽ you just have to type in YouTube: DIY recycling ideas, and voilà! :) tons of ideas appear

◾ AND again: reuse bags, and bring your paper waste to recycle bins

🚫 10. Try to avoid plastic in general

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'Cuz you supposedly don't want to swim in plastic waste one day

◾ don't lie, it hurts your eyes to see those oranges packed in plastic

◽ always reconsider your purchases: can I get this in paper packaging? Or even packaging free? Do I even need this, or can I waive? Are there other options?

◾ girl, once you watch a documentary on YouTube or Netflix about plastic waste, you will reconsider your whole life


Sooo these are my 10 tips and tricks on reducing your waste in your everyday life. :) I hope you'll find them useful. If you have questions, or even ideas for a next article I should write, let me know. :)
Ciao. 👋