Hey guys, it’s me. Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite gems. I want to tell you about its name, its effect and why it is one of my favorite gems. I hope to teach you more about the gems and show them where they can help you.

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Rose quartz:
The rose quartz is a beautiful gem. You can buy them in a rough (not cut) shape, but also in a polished form. You can find gems on markets, but also in special shops full of spiritual things, such as books, incense and much more. The name refers to the color that runs from very pale pink to deep reddish pink. The rose quartz stands for unconditional love and softness. This gemstone supports you to love yourself, to stay close to yourself and to focus on yourself. You can put the rose quartz in your bed to attract love and romance. The rose quartz also stimulates creative people to let their creativity flow freely, creating the most beautiful things. The physical action of the rose quartz has a strong effect on the metabolism, but it is also said to improve fertility.

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This is one of my favorite gems because I especially like the way it looks and in general its beautiful soft pink color. Also I like to wear this gemstone because it helps me to accept myself and that is also why I recommend it to everyone. It is also nice to put this gem in your room with a few other gems and together with some incense you could create a kind of altar .

Thanks for reading my article, I hope you liked it.
Love Romy X.