She wandered aimlessly through the forest, touching the cold tree bark as she passed by, the leaves crunching beneath her feet as she trod on. The air was crisp and mellow, and the tree branches were dancing with vibrant colors of red, auburn and yellow, embracing her presence as she walked by.

She felt connected with these woods, as if it were her home. The home she longed for; the home she knew she belonged to, as if she were a child lost and found by mother nature. The feeling of nostalgia to a place like this would hit her hard at times when she was least expecting it. She has always known something was missing from her heart. It overwhelmed her with feelings of sadness and confusion. Melancholy washed over her, when she was alone.

But here she was, standing right in the middle of the missing piece of her heart. At that moment, there was one thing she was sure of. She found home. She was overcome with this ethereal feeling of beauty and joy; she felt out of this world. She knew she’d never leave. She was destined to stay. Her heart had deeper roots in this place more than any other. “I am finally home.” she whispered.