Hi everyone! Hope you're doing well:) Today I'm going to share you my fave hairstyles I usually make when I go out w friends, for a family event or simply just to school!

1. Braids, any kind of braids!

hair, purple, and braid image hair, purple, and girl image hair, braid, and purple image hair, braid, and tattoo image

2. Buns

hair, blue, and blue hair image hair, girl, and pink image hair, pink, and hairstyle image hair, hairstyle, and grunge image

3. Pony tails

grunge, hair, and aesthetic image hair, purple, and grunge image hair, blue, and grunge image hair, girl, and purple image

4. Wavy

hair, purple, and color image Inspiring Image on We Heart It hair, purple, and hairstyle image hair, blue, and style image

5. Straight

hair, girl, and blue image hair, grunge, and tumblr image black, girl, and dark image hair, debby ryan, and blue image

So these were my absolutely faves, obviously these aren't my pictures, I have ginger/red (natural:) hair, but the styles looks good either hair color. Hope u liked it, and will try some new (if a said something new:DD)
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See ya'll next time:)