Okay guys, maybe it's just me and my introverted tendencies, but my college roommate drives me up the wall. I'm willing to bet, however, I'm not the only one out there having issues with their living situations. Now I'm not claiming to be the perfect roommate, but there are some lines that everyone should just know not to cross at certain times. Here I'll list you guys some basic guidelines to follow so no one can call you inconsiderate (or feel free to copy them and post them to your own inconsiderate roommate's door).

These are mostly directed towards college related living situations.

1) Please Do Your Dishes

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It honestly doesn't matter how much homework you have waiting to get done, or how fast you have to be out the door to get to that party. Do your damn dishes, people. Honestly, it's not fun coming home from a full day of work or class and seeing that your kitchen is a wreck, and the culprit is no where in sight. Seriously, just have some manners and clean up after yourself.

2) Be Courteous When It Comes To Shared Space

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My roommate and I have a shared kitchen and living room. It kind of balances out because everything in the kitchen belongs to her and everything in the entertainment center belongs to me. We don't mind sharing. That being said, it's not always shared equally. I can't even count how many times I've come home and it looks like she's moved half of her bedroom into the living room. Not to mention, I rarely ever get the TV. Just once in a while I'd like to sit down in front of my own TV and enjoy an episode of Riverdale. But no, it might as well be considered her second space. It's important to make yourself feel at home you guys, but you have to remember, you're not the only one residing there. Keep your roommates and their space/possessions in mind.


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I'm serious. This triggers me so much. That shit is so annoying. Your boyfriend/girlfriend has no good reason to be over there 24/7. This is probably this biggest issue my roommate and I have. It honestly feels like I signed up to live with two people instead of one. Seriously y'all, this is so inconsiderate. Your s/o is not your roommate's problem and when they become comfortable enough to start acting like they co-own the place along with you guys, there's going to be an issue sooner or later. You and your s/o are obviously not living together so don't try and act like it. Do not fucking be that person.

4) Remember That Your Dorm/Apartment Also Doubles As A Study Space

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Don't be that asshole that comes home and turns the TV up so loud that the whole damn hall can hear it, while your roommate is at their desk trying to finish a term paper. Have some manners and check in with them.

Moral of the story, guys is just be a decent person and accept the fact that you're living in a shared space. Be considerate, have manners, try to limit problems caused between you and your roomies.

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Hope you guys enjoyed! Thanks for reading!