Hey guys,

I recently found this 30 Day Get To Know Me Challenge on whi and yeah, I know, normally you start such a challenge at the beginning of a month but whatever ... I really want to start writing more articles so I decided to start right away.

1. List 20 random facts about yourself

1. My name is Elena
2. I am 18 years old
3. I live in Germany
4. I have a dog and he is literally the cutest dog ever
5. I looooove traveling
6. I am addicted to sunsets and skylines
7. I graduated last summer
8. I am half greek half german
9. I want to move to Toronto soon
10. I really love going to concerts
11. I have way too much celeb crushes
12. I hate coffee
13. I am currently doing an internship
14. Toronto is my favourite city
15. I feel like I am always tired
16. My favourite season is summer
17. I am going to move out in a few weeks
18. I always try to be optimistic
19. I never hear my alarm clock in the morning - no matter how loud it is
20. I never know what to say when people ask me about my favourite colour because it always changes

Thank you so much for reading!