1. Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars, pll, and spencer hastings image pretty little liars, ashley benson, and pll image pll, pretty little liars, and spencer image gif, pretty little liars, and spencer hastings image

2. How I Met Your Mother

love, himym, and robin image how i met your mother, himym, and Barney Stinson image Barney Stinson, lily aldrin, and quotes image 90s, alternative, and grunge image

3. Riverdale

pops, riverdale, and aesthetic image Image by Laïla riverdale, cole sprouse, and archie andrews image riverdale, cole sprouse, and lili reinhart image

4. Teen Wolf

dylan o'brien, teen wolf, and stiles image teen wolf, tyler posey, and holland roden image black and white, dylan o'brien, and stiles stilinski image header and teen wolf image

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