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first of all I'm so sorry for haven't posted an article in almost two weeks but I am so busy with university, I have a lot of exams to do in this period and I didn't have the time. Hope I can write something else really soon.
But today I wanted to write an article, bc I've missed that, about my fav tv shows ever.

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10. Riverdale (2017)

riverdale, veronica lodge, and camila mendes image pops, riverdale, and aesthetic image camila mendes, riverdale, and lili reinhart image cole sprouse, boy, and riverdale image

9. Dark (2017)

Temporarily removed dark, netflix, and series image dark, german, and gif image dark, series, and netflix image

8. Pretty Little Liars ( 2010-2017)

Image removed Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It pretty little liars, emison, and pll image

7. 13 reasons why (2017)

13 reasons why, hannah baker, and sad image quotes, series, and 13 reasons why image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and clay jensen image Mature image

6. Stranger things (2016)

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed demon, draw, and eleven image gif image

5. Scream queens (2015)

Image removed ariana grande, scream queens, and ariana image scream queens, emma roberts, and quotes image Abusive image

4. Narcos (2015)

colombia, pablo escobar, and series image Dream, quotes, and narcos image boyd holbrook and actor image meme, reaction, and narcos image

3. Shameless (2011)

shameless, emmy rossum, and fiona gallagher image shameless image Mature image shameless, mandy milkovich, and smoke image

2. American Horror Story (2011)

love, american horror story, and ahs image Image removed Temporarily removed american horror story and ahs asylum image

1. Skins

skins, cassie, and sid image Abusive image cook, Effy, and Freddie image skins, cook, and Effy image love, couple, and skins image skins, sid, and tony image cassie, cute, and family image Image removed

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Pls check out all these tv shows bc they're the best every and you're going to fall in love with em all
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