The 9 year old girl stood quietly in the shower, letting the learn water run over her quivering, freezing body. It was such a cold day today, and she had immediately gotten into the shower, forgetting to take her towel with her.

“Sis!” she called to her twin sister, “Could you help me with something?”

Her twin sister, older than her by 3 hours, shouted back irritably, “Oh go help yourself!”

Dejected, she jumped quickly out of the shower, running to her closet. Opening the door a little too fast caused a hush of wind to flow over her, marking her feel cold, added on to the temperature in her room. Shivering, she pulled out a violet towel and wrapped it around herself as her sister just stood there laughing.


The 15 year old girl limped into the room, falling immediately to her bed while glancing around for her phone. Somehow, it had gotten onto her sister’s bed.

“Hey sis,” she said, “Could you pass me my phone?”

Her twin sisters paid no heed to her request, and just lay there, texting her friends joyously.

“Oh for God’s sake,” she replied back, quite obviously annoyed, “Go help yourself.” and turned back to her phone.

There was a gap between their beds and with her bad leg, the girl didn’t want to stand up again. Therefore, she foolishly tried to stretch over to the other bed, and ended up falling instead.

She cried out with a yelp as her injured leg hit the floor. Pulling herself up to get back into the bed again, she looked on as her sister just lay there laughing.


The 21 year old girl (or rather woman) strolled happily, yet alert, back home. Ever since she was an adult and had moved out, she knew it was important to always stay alert for anything that could happen.

It had been a good night: she had just gone on a date with probably the nicest boy she had ever met; she wasn’t late to the restaurant for the first time ever...there hadn’t been anything that knocked her right to the ground today at all (feelings and possibly physically speaking). She was the happiest she had ever been.

Nearing the entrance to her new apartment, she noticed a figure sat down right in front of the door. It looked like a homeless person, a woman perhaps. Whoever it was, she was in a bad state.

Her hair was all over the place, dirt and grime covering it; her clothes were torn, ripped and filthy as if she hadn’t changed them for even a year. As if consoling herself, she was rocking back and forth on the cold ground.

Cautiously, she slowed down as she neared he door and the homeless woman who waited there. Hearing the sharp noise of her heels, the homeless woman looked up, and the other made a gasp: it was her twin sister...but yet it wasn’t. Her eyes had lost their special sparkle and her mouth wasn’t in a constant smile. The woman didn’t know what had happened after her sister left abruptly and cut off all contact with her family.

Her sister croaked out a few words, from which the woman understood the main plot: help.

Anger filled her as she remember those past times. She stomped nearer to her twin.

“Oh go help yourself.”