It's not us that's bigger than our problems, its the God in us that strengthens our weakness and conquers our problems. Who is our God tough? Is it the money we have, that if someone comes and steals all we have we cant breath anymore, is it our fame? or our idol that we count our whole trust in? We are not alone! Who ever occupies the great space within us is leading our world. But we don't even take time and notice that we are encircled by powerful influences that are seen and unseen.

Depending on the strength of our interaction with the spirit that lives in us, either causes haziness in our life, dimming our entire light or brightens our vision and sharpens our thoughts.

One of the reason for the failure in our life and these chaotic restlessness to happen in the world is due to forgetting that we have a bigger and more powerful being within us (in my world it's the heavenly father:) ). My God might not be your God but lets not neglect to identify and to make peace with who ever has our inner being and who ever is leading our path, because it will surely help us become whole as a person and know who we truly are.