I know everyone has lazy days and struggles to be motivated all the time, so here are my favourite tricks to keep myself learning or doing sport.

1.Imagine how you feel once you're done

Just think about our feelings while you are done and how proud you will be after all the work.

2. Think about the meaning of motivation

What is motivation for you? Think about why you want to achieve your goals and how motivation helps you to do it.

3. Create a visionboard

Just cut off pictures or quotes from magazines or easily print out images that remind you of your goals and stick them together on paper. A visionboard is never the same as other boards, but here are exampes how it could look:

visionboard image apple, flower, and pictures image
vogue, pink, and girly image


Think of discipline in a positive way. It's something to keep you on the road and it helps yo. It will be way easier to stick to something if you don't think of it as a negative thing.

5.Choice of words

Always say you CAN do something, dn't say you HAVE to.

6.Include enough sleep and breaks in your daily routine

With enough sleep, you are fit and powerful during the whole day. Plan to do break during work, e.g. after 30 Minute of studying take a 5-minute-break.

7.Set your goals small

While thinking of a huge goal, you will feel owerwhelmed and you won't start working on it. Write down your goals in a positive way, e.g. for "Don't eat junkfood" write "Eat healthier".

8.Look at motivation collections on WHI

9.Create your own motivation playlist

These are all my tips. Some of them are inspired by a german blogger. Check her out:


I hope you enjoyed my article and i would be very happy if you hearted it.