Here i'm going to talk about the beauty in general.
During the pass of the years the world have been creating different stereotypes that have been changing the way of thinking in all of us and that's not good because now we have like a big image were say that a beautiful girl is the one who has a perfect size, a beautiful smile, a lot of money and things like that.
And this is really stupid because we are beautiful in our own way, even if we are fat, thin, black, etc.
We don't have to allow that people say to us how to be, how to think or simply how to dress because of that reasons is why many people die every day, because the people always is criticizing everything that we do, they are always searching a way in which they can break our feelings and if we allow that is going to be worst.
So finally be happy and don't worry if someone don't likes you because you are fat or things like that, don't be afraid, the correct person is the one who likes you no matter anything.