One thing that is really important when traveling is the clothes that you pick, since depending on the time of the year and the country, it may vary the type of clothes. From my experience traveling, it is easier if you have some predetermined outfits that can adjust to different occassions.

What To Wear In The Airplane

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You should always look for comfortable clothes to wear during the flight. Not only it will be more comfy for you when you try to sleep, but also it will be easier to move around the airport. Also, since inside the airplane it's quite cold, taking a jacket and avoiding sandals are somethings to keep in mind.

Outfit Ideas For Hot Weather

  • Shorts, T-Shirt & a Loose Jacket
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As you can see, this is quite a versatile outfit, you can use it without the jacket, with a skirt, with jeans. Also, it's standard, the main idea of having a standard outfit is that you can take as many shirts as you want, three or four shorts and three jackets and you are good to go for the entire trip. As this is an outfit thought for hot weather, the jacket isn't really necessary, that's why you don't need to take many with you.

  • Short Dress
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Again, very versatile, you can accessorize it as you want. It is the perfect outfit for a hot, sunny day!

Outfit Ideas For Warm Weather

  • Clasic Jeans & T-shirt
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Warm weather is obviously not the same as hot weather, so in the morning, afternoon and night it might get cold, so it is recommended to take a jacket with you before leaving the hotel. Instead of short you use jeans because you can stand all day wearing jeans, without being cold, and if you are sweating you can always take your jacket off.

  • Short Overall & T-Shirt
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You can wear this with a long sleeve shirt, tights, a jacket... it's up to you! This is a very comfortable option for long walks in a new city.

  • Long Sleeve Dress
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Outfit Ideas For Kind Of Cold Weather

  • Skirt, Jacket/Sweater & Over The Knee Socks
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The main idea of the outfit is that you stay with your sweater/jacket on throughout the day. So, whether or not you put on over the knee socks is up to you, but if you are traveling to a place with kind of cold weather it's highly recommended that you take some over the knee socks, if you're into skirts or shorts.

  • Sweater & Shorts
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  • Cozy Jacket & Jeans
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Outfit Ideas For Cold Weather

  • "Layers" Look
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This is a basic, standard look that can be pulled off with any shirt, sweater and jacket. The idea of having many layers of thin (or not) clothing is that it prevents heat from leaving the body, which keeps you warm throughout the day. You can add as many layers as you want, depending on how cold it is outside.

  • Wool Tops, Boots & Hat
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  • It's All About The Scarf Look
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Scarfs in cold weather are a must! The idea of the look is that the center of the outfit is the scarf, which is the one that brings life and coziness to the whole look.


I hope you enjoyed this article! I would like to remind you that this are all predetermined outfits ideas, so they can adjust to your style and needs ;)

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