This is the story about MY FIRST LOVE♥️

I know you can't feel how I felt/feel about this boy but I hope you can at least try it.

sorry if my english isn't good


I felt like a woman. A woman in love with a man who he was far away, in the war maybe. And I expected for him, everyday.
But I wasn’t a woman, I was a girl. He wasn’t a man (even less a soldier), he was a little boy, and I loved him ♥️
I didn’t expected he come back from a war, but I expected for him every single day. I had hoping to see him walking through the classroom door. We had nine years old.
How much love can fit into the body of a little child? In mine A LOT. But not in his body 😞. I wasn’t his type of girl then and I wasn’t during the next three years. But I was waiting for him. I just wanted admire his beauty. But what I really expected was his fun, his joy, the joy that I didn’t have and he gave to me. He made laugh. He was really precious to me 💕.
We spent three years being friends at least I could steal him a few of hugs 😅. (Once, when we were 12 years old I hugged him and I could notice that he was wearing baby perfume 😍)
We finished the school and I didn’t see him again for two years.


My first love ♥️ [Part 2/2]