I hope my previous articles have helped you figure out your aesthetic. We are amazing people and we are just trying to find ways to express ourselves on our online presence. But trust me, no tweet or post can ever sum up what we have inside us. Remember that.
My last tip about finding your aesthetic is to think about the people you are around. How do you interact with them? Are you that one friend that always has something snarky to say? Are you always making everyone happy, do you just listen? For example, me. I am always asked advice or vented to. I am a good listener and I attract people who really need that..but be careful. Anyway, I realized that people think I have my shit together and always wanted my input on situations and I happily obliged.
See, I love myself.ALOT. It took me a long time to get to this point and I am not going back. Anyway, I wanted people to feel the same way. To love themselves like I love myself. It's why I will stop in the middle of snacking to text a paragraph to a friend who is down or why I constantly call my friend's snacks. I want to love on them like no one ever loved on me.

That realization is what lead me to start writing these articles. I want to make people feel how I feel. I gotta let yall know that yall are SNACKS.
Anyway, to my people out there who already have their aesthetic down, WORK THAT SHIT. ROCK THAT SHIT.
For example, I am a huge book nerd and history buff but then on Friday night, I am throwing ass like no one's business. Now, I bet you are asking, is that actually an aesthetic...yes. I'll explain later. But my different interest confused people. When you do not fit in a box it throws people off. It does not matter what people think. Stay Amazing!

"To Love Oneself is the Beginning of a LifeLong Romance" -Oscar Wilde