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Summary: Skam is about teenagers in Oslo, Norway. Each season is a different year and is told from a different characters perspective.
Where to watch: Given its from Norway, I could only find it on tumblr but if you have a google drive it should download them all on there if you get a link

I personally love this show because its filled with different struggles teens go through and how to deal with them such as gossip and relationships (season 1), political standpoints, virginity, and sexual assault (season 2), mental illness and sexuality (season 3) and lastly religious persecution and questioning your religion and its views (season 4) Also the characters are developed so well and they are incredibly relatable


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Summary: this show focuses on the Gallaghers, an incredibly dysfunctional family from south side Chicago, Illinois, and their day to day lives. The six kids have to deal with their drunk of a father while dealing with their own problems, especially the oldest, Fiona, who takes care of everyone else.
Where to watch: Netflix and Amazon

This show does have a lot of sex scenes and occasional violence, but all in all its comical yet tragic show has great characters and is definitely worth watching.

End of the F***ing World

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Summary: This Netflix original follows the misadventure of James and Alyssa as they run away from home and accidentally make some incredibly bad mistakes along the way.
Where to watch: Netflix

The cinematography is so beautiful for a tv show and the story line grabs you and doesn't let go. It is a very easy watch and all the episodes even out to the average movie length. It also has a gr8 soundtrack...

Stranger Things

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Summary: This sci-fi show is set in the 80's and follows Mike, Lucas and Dustin when there friend Will mysteriously disappears in the night. Things begin to get even weirder when they find a escapee from the Hawkins lab with telekinesis and information about where Will is.
Where to watch: Netflix

Stranger Things, as most of you know by now is an incredibly popular series and for good reasons. This show has great characters and keeps you on the edge of your seat with its major creep factor.

Black Mirror

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Summary: Black Mirror is a show where each episode is a different potential future with different characters in each one
Where to Watch: Netflix

Black Mirror is so different then anything else I've ever seen in the sense that the end of each episode is never as expected. My personal favorite is Nosedive which is a good starting episode since you do not have to watch them in order.

Santa Clarita Diet

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Summary: The Santa Clarita Diet is about a mom and relastate agent who suddenly starts having cravings for human meat. This comedy follows Sheila and her family as they try to find food and cures for her zombie-like urges
Where to watch: Netflix

This show is incredibly underrated yet is sooo good. Its super funny and very different given that most shows about people going supernatural are very serious

Freaks and Geeks

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Summary: A 90s show about Lindsey, an incredibly smart high schooler who starts to become good friends with the burnouts, and her brother Sam, and his group of nerdy friends
Where to watch: take a guess, Netflix.

This show is a bit different because unlike a lot of movies like this, Freaks and Geeks focuses on the struggles of stereotypes, expectations and figuring out who you are in general

Thanks for reading, if this does well, I will make a part two because I have A LOT more I'd like to recommend to you guys!