Hello beautiful people!

There are some products that can help your eyelashes grow up, but why not try natural and cheap things?

Because we all want to have long eyelashes here are some natural things that will help your eyelashes grow.

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- Castor oil
- Almond oil
- Olive oil
- Avocado oil
- Coconut oil
- Vaseline
- Aloe vera

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Most of these naturals remedies contain vitamins, proteins, etc. that will make your eyelashes grow. You can find them at pharmacies or stores that sell natural things

This takes time to take effect but I swear that if it works; I used vaseline before but I left it and started using castor oil

Remember to be constant to see results.


Apply it at night with a mascara brush that you don't use anymore or with cotton, you will leave it overnight and in the morning you can remove it very well with water. Do it every night o take a break between week or day.


TIPS: You can remove makeup with these oils, remove make-up always, eat healthy.

Some of this oils I already know them but others more the tips, I take them out of sitewebs.

I hope this help you to get the eyelashes that you want. Byebye, kisses!♡