How did I use to do it? I mean, getting up in the morning and not feeling like hell. I can´t even remember the last time that happened. How can people live their lives and be so happy? I just don´t get it. What is wrong with me? I want to be normal again, I want to feel normal again. I can´t feel. It´s like there is something broken inside and I can´t even tell what it is. Sometimes it feels like life won´t get any better.
I´ve been there before. And I don´t want to fall in those cliché motivational phrases that some idiot wrote not knowing how it feels to wish you don´t wake up the next morning. I don´t mean to be rude, but depression does no stop just because you read a fucking "you can do it" or like those stupid therapists who tell you just need to go out more. Like, how the fuck am I suposed to go out? I can´t even get out of my bed. I don´t want to romanticize a mental issue either. There´s nothing "special" or "cool" about beeing depressed. It fucking sucks.

OK, I´taking too long to get to the point, so this is what I want to tell you: YOU HAVE TO WAIT. And I know it´s really hard, but it takes time for an ilness to heal. You also have to treat it. I mean, compare depression to a broken leg, you can expect for the pain to go away, but it won´t get any better if you don´t cooperate. So, this is my advice on how to survive depression without dying in the process:

1. Distract yourself.

There´s no need to go out or read an endless book. You can watch a movie or just read a magazine. If you´re having a better day you can try to go out, but remember, depression is like a broken leg, so don´t force yourself if you are in pain. I used to watch youtube videos all the time. You can also try cooking or doing something that keeps you active even when you don´t get out of your house. The more tired you get, the more sleep you´ll get at night.

2. Ask for help.

I know it feels like no one understands you, and you´re probably right. But it is important for you to open up to people, you can´t do it alone. And if you don´t have anyone to talk to you can try to ask for help online ( you can find support groups in this page and it´s for free).
Always stay in contact with someone, even if it´s online.

3. Think positive.

Really cliché, I know, but you should try the following excercise:
Grab something tiny near you, anything that can fit in your pockets. Now, everytime you have that thing in your hands I want you to thank God, Alá, the universe, anything you belive in, for what he/it has given to you. Try to name at least 3 things that make you feel alive. It can be your family, a friend, music or even that series you like.
If you have a low self steem, wich is really common in people with depression, you can try this excercise, but being grateful for something that you are.

Well, this article is getting too long. I hope my advice can help you reduce your pain. If you want more advice contact me. Wish you happiness and love. XOXO.