Hi there!
My name is Joana, I'm from Portugal and I'm 21 years old.
My dream is to one day be able to travel to or even live in Japan for a limited time.
Right now I'm a second year art student and I got this assignment that consists in creating a logbook!
What is a Logbook?
A logbook is a record of important events first used to register the process of navigation of a ship.

Why did I decide to create a logbook on this platform?
The subject that I'm creating this logbook for is about creativity and aspects that inspire oneself. I've been on WeHeart It for many years now and I considered this platform to be a very handy and creative way to express my inspirations, references and process of work.

What themes are gonna be on this Logbook?
I'm mostly going to reblog about themes that reflect my individuality and my interests. Everything on this Logbook has some kind of meaning to me.
It's going to include my resources, references and the process of my recent projects, personal motivational quotes, websites that inspire me, reviews of things I enjoy, recipes I've tried, sketches I made for drawing classes, color palettes of my works, and more :)

What are my main interests that are going to reflect on this Logbook?
I mostly love anime, manga, videogames, reading books, baking, listening to music...

Later on I'll be making a list about my personal interests and some top 10's of things I care about. If you wish, you can check out my personal WeHeart It: Thank you for reading, <3