Hello everyone! I'm so excited because this is my first article.
I know that its hard to figure out collection and theme ideas so here are a few you can try out.

Light Vogue

food, donuts, and delicious image home, interior, and design image

Sparkling Waters

summer, blue, and turquoise image summer, friends, and ocean image

Red Vogue

red, vintage, and cafe image watermelon, fruit, and summer image


flowers and girl image blonde, girl, and fall image


girl, lights, and night image couple, light, and photography image

Fresh Green

flowers, green, and fresh image girl, summer, and model image

Black and White

Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, adidas, and black and white image

Pink and Teal

teal, pink, and pink teal image pink, teal, and theme image

That's it for now! Thanks for reading and I hoped this helped:)