So in the middle of doing homework and binge watching Friends, (for the billionth time) The idea to write this article came to mind. Just for fun really :)

1. Phoebe Buffay- Hands down the most kookiest member of the group, Phoebe has lead a rather difficult life. Despite this she was always kept a smile on her face and a beyond positive attitude! Which is sometimes hard to do considering some circumstances are really brutal and saddening. Not Phoebe..she overcame her harsh past and handled the cards she was dealt with much optimism!

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2. Rachel Green- The spoiled one. Spent a majority of her life being handed everything on a silver platter. Until she came upon the realization that the life of riches and comfort and predictability wasn't what she wanted. So Rachel ran away and began a new life in the city. Uncertain of how things would unfold which is really scary because usually everything is so uncertain, but Rachel was brave for starting her life again and pursing her dreams such as fashion.

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3. Chandler Bing- Probably the most relatable character on the show. Mr. Bing was always awkward, sarcastic, and not serious most of the time. He started off on a very immature not but eventually matured into such a wonderful guy who moved past his fears of commitment. He changed but still kept up his funny sense of humor!

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4. Ross Geller: Now Ross is kinda tricky. He was my least fave character. However, you have to admire his determination to find romance even if it has always failed him. (hello three divorces) But still, Ross had some deeming qualities that made him good. His passion for knowledge for one is something very admirable. Even if people make fun of you.. for being into dinosaurs ( In Ross's case) whatever your interest is... doesn't matter: Love what you love and keep the passion!

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5. Monica Geller- (My all time fave) Monica came from a family that favored her eldest sibling. She grew up overweight and was made fun of for it by literally EVERYONE. Even as an adult the past still haunts her. In earlier seasons she was rather insecure and unsure. Then she grew to be a beautiful strong woman who became comfortable in her own skin. Plus she is the glue of the group:meaning she was the source of food, hospitality, and brilliant advice. She is underrated compared to the others. But if it wasn't for Monica, the gang wouldn't spend so much time together! Life lessons from Monica: Always be honest, patient, and embrace your weird obsessions ( like cleaning)

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6. Joey Tribbiani- The goofiest one in the group! Joey is admirable because he has a heart of gold. There were many situations in the show where he would protect the girls. Even if he is a womanizer, he is very sweet and generous. Joey reminds me of a child somehow. Still wide eyed and curious. Makes him all the more charming :) His most inspiring trait is his passion for acting. It took him years to start landing leading roles. But did he he ver give up? NOPE! he kept going.

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Guess this is it for now!
Sorry for my obsession with this show.