• As the fireworks go up in the sky so do our hopes for New Year’s Resolutions. For example, some decide "oh I'm only going to drink smoothies for my diet." Well, how long will that last them? When they get the desired result, or if they do, then what? Will they continue to live the rest of their life drinking only smoothies? Is that actually healthy? inserts confused thinking emoji if I knew how. And what happens to their outlook on weight and food if they don't lose weight or build that muscle? Self-esteem is shattered. We quit.
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Healthy has a different meaning for all of us. We are not the same. However, if I had to cram what I deem healthy in one sentence I would say it is an active lifestyle, free of disease, a diet including fruits, fats, vegetables, whole seafood, and lean protein with minimal packaged frozen entrees. (lol no lean cuisine for this girl.)

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There are so many advertisements, commercials, and sales that promote food consumption right? Now that people are more health conscious, there are just as many ads bombarding us with healthy recipes, or eat this and not that. Or do this to lose 10 pounds. But what about eating less? That doesn’t ever seem to be encouraged by the media. Simply eating less food will help our brains and bodies. Discipline is not just for the badly behaving 5th grader in the library. When we eat less, we can actually feel better.

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I don’t mean to starve yourself!
Overeating is still a problem, even if it's healthy foods. Instead of feeling bombarded by so many ads demanding your attention to buy this and try this, listen to your body instead. Remember how much you eat and your serving sizes. Its okay to eat a piece of chocolate every now and then, just remember to practice discipline. Meaning, we don't actually need as much food as we think we do.

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Remember your parents saying “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”? I speak to myself on all this.

Instead of the limiting mindset with such thinking as "I'm going on a diet," "I'm never eating __ again," or "I won't ever eat at midnight again" one could think instead "I'm going to change my outlook on food and replace butter with margarine when I cook." "I'm going to give that 86 % dark chocolate a try, and on occasion eat a few pieces of Hershey's chocolate on one day of the week." Thinking about what you’re eating, how you feel, and how much you are eating are ways to slowing change your brain into eating nutritionally dense foods and feel satisfied. All in all, be mindful about what you’re eating and what you’re doing.

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Do yourself a favor and instead of setting yourself up for failure this year, try to change your mind set about food and its meaning for you. This takes time. Creating a goal sheet where you write your goal down with a deadline, then asking ‘why am I doing this?’ could help encourage you on your path to bettering yourself. It’s okay to fall back, and when you do, re-evaluate what you want and why. Write down how you feel about the mistake and try again.

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