I want to tell you that what destiny decides for you is not inevitable because may be it's in your fate that you're destined to change it.

I want to tell you that it's not important whether or not you're born with a golden spoon.

I want to tell you that this life is just and fair.

If I tell you any of that, I would only be lying.

Living in a materialistic world, let's not deceive ourselves by saying that feelings like happiness, contentment, emotional stability and the likes, can't be bought. When the truth is, everything has its own price.

All of us are here in want of something that needs to be paid for, one way or the other. To put it in the words of Augustus Waters,

"The world is not a wish granting factory."

The cost however, varies from person to person. And it's actually fate that decides the price for you.

Those born with Luck have every opportunity within their reach. All they need to do is extend a hand and grab it.
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Those born with Money can buy their own opportunities.
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Those born with Neither Luck nor Money work their backs off for both.
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In short, I do not doubt for a second that hard work breaks the ground for success, but there's also no denying that some don't even need to break it. All they have to do is walk down the paved road.

Acknowledging the fact that life is not meant to be fair is the first lesson that practical life teaches us. So it's best to bear that in mind beforehand and move on.

Being brutally honest, some of us are living to our death, others are dying to have a chance at life.


I'm pretty sure I belong to the third category, the ones who never get anything for free and hence the whining. Lol

What about you?

Have a good day/ night!

Much Love!

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